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Impact of the Global Recession 2022 on Startups and Businesses - How to Tackle the same?


Inflation means too much money in the hands of people which in turn increases the demand and the supply amount is safe as before. A lot of demand with fewer supplies leads to raising the prices of supply items or things which leads to a lot of money in the money but less purchasing power. To curb inflation, the govt or the central bank will reduce the money supply in the market through their monetary operations and this leads to recession.

In a recession, due to a cut in money supply people suffer with less money, and jobs are lost because companies try to handle their profit margins by cutting off the production costs. The economy increased in inflation and became stagnant during the recession period.

The recession is a drop in demand. It happens when there is a surplus of production and scarcity of demand. Markets self-correct this by reducing the market price but when the extent of the surplus and scarcity is much more than the market's ability to self-correct then it's a...

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Content Marketing Is The Digital King; Know Why!

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent products to attract an audience.


Types of content marketing -

  • Blogging 
  • Video
  • Broadcasting
  • Infographics
  • Email
  • Visual content
  • Ebooks


Why is Content the king?

Why people are saying that ‘Content is the king of digital marketing’ is something you need to remember despite the fact that there are numerous speculations around the same topic. So, the idea behind the phrase “Content is the king” is basically that if you have good content present on the digital media front, then your efforts will be reduced to explain anything. Also, good readability would lead to more readers coming in and expressing their liking for the content. Content is just like the basis of anything on digital media. It helps in interaction, it helps in the delivery of information, it helps in conveying ideas and thoughts, it also helps in keeping...

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How To Overcome The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is like an innovator who takes risks. An entrepreneur finds an effective solution when he sees either a problem in the world and devises a solution or notices a lack of a service/frame of mind/style of approach to business and sets out to solve the problem themselves. They are creators and the beginning of change.

There are some essential skills that every successful entrepreneur should have. If you are considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, these are the essential skills you should have or you can learn to increase your entrepreneurial success. 


  • Self Discipline - Managing oneself, is probably the hardest thing to do. There is no one watching you, it's all you.
  • Customer Screening - Not every client/customer or sale will be worth your while. Learning how to identify where the returns are helpful to improve the bang for your buck
  • Personal Branding - In today's visual world, you can't build a brand, without putting yourself out there. People buy...
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The education sector trends change over the past few years. From the old-school learning technique to smart classrooms, the education sector is growing.

This software has helped to make remarkable changes. For example, it offers multiple modules that help with management, learning, communication, payment, and reports.

Education is the ladder to success. With well-education, a person can become successful with the help of his or her degree and the help of their knowledge and skills. For a higher degree, you have to go to college for higher studies like a bachelor's or master's or even higher like a doctorate or so is the only option for getting a valuable degree and increasing the knowledge regarding the subject.

In this era, entrepreneurship education is available in online form. Students are learning entrepreneurship skills through online platforms which are easily available.

Current Scenario

In India, Digital education is booming, nowadays, everyone has a smartphone, laptop,...

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Unfolding The Current Wave Of Entrepreneurship In India

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Entrepreneurship is gaining a huge spotlight in the present economic situation. Entrepreneurship is not only a crucial aspect of economic dynamism but also an imperative for economic growth, productivity, innovation, and employment. Hence, many countries have made entrepreneurship a detailed policy priority. As globalization is reshaping the international economic landscape and technological changes are developing greater uncertainty in the world economy, entrepreneurship is acknowledged to offer new ways to meet economic, social, and environmental challenges. 

India’s startup economy has been booming and exploding. The last decade has seen notable action on multiple fronts involving the founding of fresh startups, amount of funding and number of investment rounds, the influx of global investors and startups, development of regulatory infrastructure, global mergers and acquisitions, and internationalization. Till now, India had 26 unicorns, with 8 new entrants joining...

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How Has Leadership Evolved In Recent Times?

cskspeaks leadership Mar 19, 2022

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With globalization, technological invention, and the increasing number of associations among people, activities, and events, today’s tempo of change is never-ending. We live in a world run by the commercial and technological revolution. With the change, leaders need to be both attuned to the impact of technology on their business and highly flexible as a result.

In these volatile, unpredictable, and continually controversial times, effective leadership is crucial. As Harvard’s John Kotter observed: “Leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a greater need for effective leadership.

This has demonstrated a transition from the autocratic leadership style of the 20th century towards a more collaborative approach. In this modern manner of leadership, work is no longer ordered from above but powered from within.

This new way of working has unlocked the road to innovation and creativity, which is important for...

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How To Effectively Communicate Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones?

communication cskspeaks Mar 19, 2022

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Knowing your feelings helps you to understand yourself. And sharing your feelings with others helps them to understand you better. Communication is essential in every relationship, whether it’s about a spouse, a child, a parent, or a dear friend. But talking about how we feel is important for every relationship, especially those with our loved ones. When we get the courage to talk about how we feel, we strengthen the relationships we have with others.

The universal need of humans is to get accepted and understood. So, when we share our inner experiences and feelings, we are more likely to connect in deep and expressive ways. We are also more likely to get our needs fulfilled, heading towards happier and healthier relationships.

  1. Observe and accept your feeling

There is a famous phrase that says “your feelings matter”. And although it seems like a redundant cliché in the mental health world, this slogan is worth repeating because people often judge or...

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History Of Education In India

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Indian education has been stuck in the past and it never tried to cope with the progress the rest of the country is making. Indian Education is majorly theory-oriented. Instead of developing the inner Query of a student and building a connection between their query and real-world realities, Indian education focuses on propagating the propaganda of the governments through bits and pieces.

Revolution and evolution had been registered in every sector other than the education sector. The funny fact is that in most of the states the education department is handled by uneducated ministers.

But certain Education fields in India have a great impact in the world and I think it's vastly due to the effort put out by the people themselves.

  • Ancient education.
  • Medieval education
  • Modern education.


Before Taxila, Nalanda, etc. In ancient times in India education was the Gurukul system which had one leader and they taught all the Vidyas. The education was holistic. If you compare that with...

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9 Things To Upgrade Your Life In 2022

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Almost every person suffered a lot during the covid-19 pandemic. So everyone wants to upgrade their life in 2022. Here are the nine things to upgrade your life in 2022 -

  1. Skilful Mindset. This year focuses on learning new skills. Up to now, you should seriously think about your studies, whichever is related to your career. So, you should at least spend 2 hrs daily to improve your skills. 
  2. Productivity. You have 24 hours in a day. But some people are good at effective time management. They utilize their time in a very effective way. Don't waste your time. Use your time to learn new things.
  3. Self-decision making. Learn to make your own decisions. This year you should decide what you want. no problem if you fail to decide correctly. At Least I learnt something from that experience right.
  4. Want to include some rituals in your life. Consistently doing small actions will get big results in your life. You should strongly believe this, so I include some habits in your life.
  5. Let go...
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Emerging Leadership Trends To Look Out For In 2022

In 2022, I believe that this year will bring a major change in how the brand market and the product. And  Leadership trends will emerge. Leadership is the art of attracting people to follow your lead, willingly. If no one is following you then you aren't a leader. Just a dictator going for a walk, on your own. Leaders use influence, not coercion to change the mindsets of people. Leaders are both visionaries and missionaries. They see in their mind a better business, community or situation and try to communicate how much better it can be but often without success. Their influence and confidence inspire followers or by the leader's confidence, they are allowed to act on their vision to see if it can be achieved. Often the followers are in doubt about whether the better outcome or vision of the leader is true but they follow them for their confidence and passion. A leader is always being judged by their outcomes, not the title. 


Emerging leadership trends in 2022:


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