Emerging Leadership Trends To Look Out For In 2022

In 2022, I believe that this year will bring a major change in how the brand market and the product. And  Leadership trends will emerge. Leadership is the art of attracting people to follow your lead, willingly. If no one is following you then you aren't a leader. Just a dictator going for a walk, on your own. Leaders use influence, not coercion to change the mindsets of people. Leaders are both visionaries and missionaries. They see in their mind a better business, community or situation and try to communicate how much better it can be but often without success. Their influence and confidence inspire followers or by the leader's confidence, they are allowed to act on their vision to see if it can be achieved. Often the followers are in doubt about whether the better outcome or vision of the leader is true but they follow them for their confidence and passion. A leader is always being judged by their outcomes, not the title. 


Emerging leadership trends in 2022:



  • Time-Bound Goals: 


Traditional leaders set a time-bound goal for a group. This goal will help remain the team on track to achieve whatever they are all set to achieve in a particular period.


  • Team Together: 


  A traditional leader keeps the team together. By exercising those powers, he is supposed to keep the top intact to achieve the goal. Any conflicts that arise in the group are to be controlled by the leader of the group.


  • Solicit Support:


 A leader’s job is to get the team working to achieve the goals set to achieve a bigger vision. The leader is the first person to be held accountable for any missed deadlines. 


  • Act as a philosopher & Freeform: 


The subordinates need guidance regarding their professional and personal life. They need to be guided through the difficult decisions that they have to make to advance their careers and families. A leader plays a huge role in brainstorming through all these situations.


  • Persuasion: 


The leader should be able to persuade employees, board members and vendors for his plans. In today's time, you can't direct or order but persuade as it helps get a commitment.


  • Likeable: 


A leader should be likeable. People follow the leaders who are likeable eg Steve Jobs, Elon Musk


  • Influencer: 


A leader has to play a key role in influencing others.

Team player leader wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.


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