History Of Education In India

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Indian education has been stuck in the past and it never tried to cope with the progress the rest of the country is making. Indian Education is majorly theory-oriented. Instead of developing the inner Query of a student and building a connection between their query and real-world realities, Indian education focuses on propagating the propaganda of the governments through bits and pieces.

Revolution and evolution had been registered in every sector other than the education sector. The funny fact is that in most of the states the education department is handled by uneducated ministers.

But certain Education fields in India have a great impact in the world and I think it's vastly due to the effort put out by the people themselves.

  • Ancient education.
  • Medieval education
  • Modern education.


Before Taxila, Nalanda, etc. In ancient times in India education was the Gurukul system which had one leader and they taught all the Vidyas. The education was holistic. If you compare that with today, education is much compartmentalized. But nowadays, holistic courses are there in great universities. Now students of science or Vigyan will also learn humanities or Dharmashastras. This ensures a complete buildup of a student.

Since the big universities came into the picture, there was also a lot of focus on meditation, inner contemplation, perfecting the mind along with the material courses. Spirituality was very important to sharpen the intellect and go beyond the material world.

They didn't consider Mathematics to be the greatest of all subjects. In India, its equivalent was ‘Ganita’ which is the discipline connected with Computations and calculations. It was the stream that would align in today’s world with applied mathematics, computer science, and algorithms. Algorithms came from ‘Ganita’ as it was translated by Arab scholars which got translated into European texts. But the knowledge was Indian.

In Ancient India, the Vedas were given prime importance amongst the Astika schools. So first grade of knowledge was spiritual knowledge for enlightenment, then were the material sciences like Rasayan (Chemistry), Jyotish (Astronomy), Ganita (Mathematics), Ayurveda (Medicine), and other 10 videos like Dhanur Vidya (archery), etc., etc.


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