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Impact of the Global Recession 2022 on Startups and Businesses - How to Tackle the same?


Inflation means too much money in the hands of people which in turn increases the demand and the supply amount is safe as before. A lot of demand with fewer supplies leads to raising the prices of supply items or things which leads to a lot of money in the money but less purchasing power. To curb inflation, the govt or the central bank will reduce the money supply in the market through their monetary operations and this leads to recession.

In a recession, due to a cut in money supply people suffer with less money, and jobs are lost because companies try to handle their profit margins by cutting off the production costs. The economy increased in inflation and became stagnant during the recession period.

The recession is a drop in demand. It happens when there is a surplus of production and scarcity of demand. Markets self-correct this by reducing the market price but when the extent of the surplus and scarcity is much more than the market's ability to self-correct then it's a...

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How To Overcome The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is like an innovator who takes risks. An entrepreneur finds an effective solution when he sees either a problem in the world and devises a solution or notices a lack of a service/frame of mind/style of approach to business and sets out to solve the problem themselves. They are creators and the beginning of change.

There are some essential skills that every successful entrepreneur should have. If you are considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, these are the essential skills you should have or you can learn to increase your entrepreneurial success. 


  • Self Discipline - Managing oneself, is probably the hardest thing to do. There is no one watching you, it's all you.
  • Customer Screening - Not every client/customer or sale will be worth your while. Learning how to identify where the returns are helpful to improve the bang for your buck
  • Personal Branding - In today's visual world, you can't build a brand, without putting yourself out there. People buy...
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