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How To Overcome The Common Obstacles Keeping You From Full-Time Entrepreneurship?

An entrepreneur is like an innovator who takes risks. An entrepreneur finds an effective solution when he sees either a problem in the world and devises a solution or notices a lack of a service/frame of mind/style of approach to business and sets out to solve the problem themselves. They are creators and the beginning of change.

There are some essential skills that every successful entrepreneur should have. If you are considering becoming a full-time entrepreneur, these are the essential skills you should have or you can learn to increase your entrepreneurial success. 


  • Self Discipline - Managing oneself, is probably the hardest thing to do. There is no one watching you, it's all you.
  • Customer Screening - Not every client/customer or sale will be worth your while. Learning how to identify where the returns are helpful to improve the bang for your buck
  • Personal Branding - In today's visual world, you can't build a brand, without putting yourself out there. People buy...
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Unfolding The Current Wave Of Entrepreneurship In India

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Entrepreneurship is gaining a huge spotlight in the present economic situation. Entrepreneurship is not only a crucial aspect of economic dynamism but also an imperative for economic growth, productivity, innovation, and employment. Hence, many countries have made entrepreneurship a detailed policy priority. As globalization is reshaping the international economic landscape and technological changes are developing greater uncertainty in the world economy, entrepreneurship is acknowledged to offer new ways to meet economic, social, and environmental challenges. 

India’s startup economy has been booming and exploding. The last decade has seen notable action on multiple fronts involving the founding of fresh startups, amount of funding and number of investment rounds, the influx of global investors and startups, development of regulatory infrastructure, global mergers and acquisitions, and internationalization. Till now, India had 26 unicorns, with 8 new entrants joining...

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How Has Leadership Evolved In Recent Times?

cskspeaks leadership Mar 19, 2022

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With globalization, technological invention, and the increasing number of associations among people, activities, and events, today’s tempo of change is never-ending. We live in a world run by the commercial and technological revolution. With the change, leaders need to be both attuned to the impact of technology on their business and highly flexible as a result.

In these volatile, unpredictable, and continually controversial times, effective leadership is crucial. As Harvard’s John Kotter observed: “Leadership is very much related to change. As the pace of change accelerates, there is naturally a greater need for effective leadership.

This has demonstrated a transition from the autocratic leadership style of the 20th century towards a more collaborative approach. In this modern manner of leadership, work is no longer ordered from above but powered from within.

This new way of working has unlocked the road to innovation and creativity, which is important for...

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How To Effectively Communicate Your Feelings To Your Loved Ones?

communication cskspeaks Mar 19, 2022

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Knowing your feelings helps you to understand yourself. And sharing your feelings with others helps them to understand you better. Communication is essential in every relationship, whether it’s about a spouse, a child, a parent, or a dear friend. But talking about how we feel is important for every relationship, especially those with our loved ones. When we get the courage to talk about how we feel, we strengthen the relationships we have with others.

The universal need of humans is to get accepted and understood. So, when we share our inner experiences and feelings, we are more likely to connect in deep and expressive ways. We are also more likely to get our needs fulfilled, heading towards happier and healthier relationships.

  1. Observe and accept your feeling

There is a famous phrase that says “your feelings matter”. And although it seems like a redundant cliché in the mental health world, this slogan is worth repeating because people often judge or...

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History Of Education In India

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Indian education has been stuck in the past and it never tried to cope with the progress the rest of the country is making. Indian Education is majorly theory-oriented. Instead of developing the inner Query of a student and building a connection between their query and real-world realities, Indian education focuses on propagating the propaganda of the governments through bits and pieces.

Revolution and evolution had been registered in every sector other than the education sector. The funny fact is that in most of the states the education department is handled by uneducated ministers.

But certain Education fields in India have a great impact in the world and I think it's vastly due to the effort put out by the people themselves.

  • Ancient education.
  • Medieval education
  • Modern education.


Before Taxila, Nalanda, etc. In ancient times in India education was the Gurukul system which had one leader and they taught all the Vidyas. The education was holistic. If you compare that with...

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7 Tips For an Effective Career Planning

Career planning is important to us because it leads to our future. We have to plan and decide on a career that will be effective for our future. Divide your career plan. First of all, know your interest in which area you are interested to work in. Your teachers and parents can help you make effective career decisions. 

There are seven effective tips for career planning which help you to choose your career.



  • Identify Your Career Options


First of all, collect information about career options and make a list based on your interest, skills, comfort, suitable and self-assessment. Shortlist your career options by reviewing & researching for companies, career information, and talking to professionals in the field. You can further shorten your list when you take part in experiences such as internships and volunteering.



  • Prioritize.


You should learn to prioritize your career if you have a lot of options to do. First of all, find your...

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The Hidden Power of Yoga and Meditation

In today’s world, our life is full of stress, no matter what it is about,  it may be due to our work life, personal relationships, financial issues, career problems, and many more.  You cannot or may not control what will happen next, but the only thing you can control is what’s inside you,  how you will cope with the outer environment, and your inner peace. 



  • Yoga and meditation is the key to achieve your inner peace


Close your eyes and think about the person you always wanted to be like, what would be the best version of you, and tell yourself that you are important. Meditation will help you give a new perspective of life. Yoga asanas like bhujangasana, gomukhasana, padmasana, and meditation for 20 minutes will help you to get your inner peace.



  • Keep your mind calm


The ability to manage our emotions and remain calm under pressure is a goal for everyone. Even if you are feeling insensitive, yoga and...

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The Magic Of Self Leadership

The practice of self-leadership includes voluntarily influencing your thoughts, feelings, and actions to achieve the success that you’ve planned and are working on. Working under someone who expects your complete loyalty towards their firm might make you lose interest sometimes. But, having your plans and motives, working for them with immense dedication won’t ever make you lose the high interest level. There might come situations where you’ll fail, you’ll be disheartened, what will make you rise again will be your dream to achieve what you’ve dreamt of. 

In the contemporary world, millennials have refused to have permanent lifetime jobs with the old school bosses. Instead, they have become their own boss and tend to have a team of like-minded people who work together in their domains instead of just passing commands.

A self-leader is the one who is used to effectively utilize their leadership skills, and that too in a way that people tend to...

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Role of Technology in Education, a Boon or Bane?

Someone has very rightly said that "Technology is not that we use, we live in technology". Undoubtedly the 21st century is an era of technology. Mankind has seen massive advancement when it comes to technological development. From the stone age to the machine age, we have come a long way ahead.

With the advent of technology, life has not only become comfortable but also efficient. Today technology has permeated every field of life. Even the field of education has seen a humongous boon with the evolution of technology.

Technology in the form of tools and applications has facilitated the process of learning. Be it, students, teachers, or parents everyone uses the wonders of technology to enhance the learning experience. Let’s dive deeper into the significance of technology in the field of education in the present era -


Role of Technology in Education

Free source of education at any time anywhere- Technological development has emerged out to be a revolution in the field...

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Key Ingredients giving birth to a Successful Leader

Leadership isn’t a destination, it is a journey that requires immense hard work and dedication. One has to work consistently throughout their career regardless of the designation you are at. Your leadership qualities are reflected by the way you organize and manage your team and motivate them to enrich their potential. This skill isn’t just about a charismatic individual, there’s a lot more to it.  


Characteristics required for being a Successful Leader

There are certain skills that an individual must possess and polish regularly. 


The characteristic that tops the list is INTEGRITY

Honesty and strong moral principles are the main pillars of a strong individual. These characteristics entirely cut off the possibility of being threatened or getting falsely accused by anyone. One’s character is defined by his honesty. During harsh times, your integrity will get people who’ll support you and stand strong with...

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